Fitness & Nutrition education and coaching for all.

Size-inclusive, pro choice, women, science, BIPOC, POC, LGBTQ+ – all are welcome here. Anti-diet. No weight loss promotion. Always.


Coming Soon: Courses designed to educate you in a variety of fitness, nutrition, and wellness topics. Prices will vary. I have attempted to make them as financially accessible as possible, but do ask for a fee for most to compensate for time and resources. Click here to view and purchase.

Coming in September 2022: The Truth About Nutrition – A beginner’s in depth course about the science of nutrition

Fitness Programs

Personalized fitness programs made from scratch. Pricing varies. Download my guide here. AVAILABLE TODAY! Contact me for more information (contact page link at bottom or in top navigation menu).

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition coaching from an anti-diet, fat positive approach. Coming Soon

Movement Analysis & Corrective Exercise Program

Coming Soon – work with a Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist to have your movements analyzed, form assessed, and then receive feedback and a corrective exercise program to help improve your form or daily functional living.

Health Coaching

Coming soon – General lifestyle, habit, and health coaching from a HAES, anti-diet approach.

Performance Enhancement

Coming soon – gain insight to your performance, whether you are running your first marathon or you are going to a powerlifting meet or you play baseball for your university. I can help give you tips and a plan to enhance your performance from a HAES and anti-diet perspective.

Kaitlin combines real science with anti-diet to create the best programs and approaches. She has truly transformed my life.

KC – Client since 2021

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